Miley Cyrus Flirts With Hip-Hop Again On ‘SNL’ To Teach America ‘The Baby Step’

Miley Cyrus’ controversial comments about hip-hop and the subsequent backlash would presumably disqualify the pop-country star from doing a rap parody segment on SNL, right? Nope! We got Miley in the closest thing to Bangerz mode in quite a while on the broadcast.

Miley (going by the handle Baby Snatch) is part of a diaper-rocking crew of large infants that boast about their wealth and unique lifestyle in “The Baby Step.” If it all sounds very silly that’s because it is. In fact, the evening’s host Larry David does everything he can to not be in the video. The video moves along without him providing a spotlight on the luxury strollers and Pete Davidson bouncing around a crib, but Larry can’t escape “The Baby Step.” Being a man of action, Larry has to sort this whole thing out himself.

“Bonnet? No! No!” shouts the exasperated Curb star when confronted with the sketch’s wardrobe. “Enough! Enough!”

Saturday Night Live follows up Larry and Miley with host Tiffany Haddish and musical guest Taylor Swift on November 11. The combo of Chance the Rapper and Eminem arrives after that on November 18. If you’re looking for more Miley, here’s her SNL performance of “Bad Mood.”