‘SNL’ Looks At The Awkward Romance Of ‘Morning Joe,’ With A Special Appearance By Trump Spokesman ‘John Miller’

SNL did not make its return for its final episodes this season with much of a bang, but it was a fairly funny sketch. Instead of going with a full on Trump cold open to complete the set this season, the folks at SNL decided to go with a more reserved Trump deep cut that was hidden within an odd sexual exhibition on Morning Joe. As most are aware, Joe Scarborough opened the doors of Scarborough Country to welcome co-host Mika Brzezinski as his fiance. It’s one of the worst kept secrets in cable news, so it’s nice that they finally sealed the deal and made it official.

Hopefully, it doesn’t end up like this sketch, though. The folks that are tuning into Morning Joe probably aren’t ready to see two people melt together and turn on the passion, especially when that involves swallowing the other person’s nose. It’s a simple sketch but it works.

The real treat is getting a reminder that Donald Trump once allegedly pretended to be his own spokesman named “John Miller.” It’d be great if Trump turned John Miller into a full on White House persona, with his own office and job title. Maybe just fire Reince Priebus and give the Chief of Staff job to Miller. He knows Trump like a book and can make things happen that Priebus just can’t seem to handle. Miller knows Trump is a details-oriented person with really bigly desires.

Either way, congratulations to Mika and Joe. Your relationship is now big enough to be the cold open on SNL.

(Via SNL)