Natalie Portman Marks Her Triumphant Return To ‘SNL’ With A Dramatic Promo

Natalie Portman is making her triumphant return to Saturday Night Live this weekend and the confetti cannons in Studio 8H have been busted out to mark the occasion.

Serving as host alongside musical guest (and incredibly important pop star) Dua Lipa, Portman’s sales pitch for the latest episode is marinated in drama. Navigating Prince-friendly lightning, the promo features the Closer actress reflecting on her career with a dash of visual bombast.

“I’ve saved worlds. I’ve decimated evil. I’ve fallen in love. I’ve died. I’ve conquered,” she explains. “But those were only characters. This Saturday, I’ll show the world what I, Natalie Portman, can do.”

Unfortunately, one of the skills Portman has is blocking Kenan Thompson’s ability to get through his work hallways. Don’t worry, things pan out for Kenan.

Portman’s first go-around on SNL wasn’t too shabby. In fact, her Digital Short rap video became an instant hit and Instagram commenters are particularly begging/demanding a sequel. Portman certainly has pull, although it might be difficult to top last week’s season-high ratings from Will Ferrell’s hosting stint. Y’know, if you follow that sort of thing.

There was also a bit less dramatic SNL promo trumpeting Natalie Portman taking on hosting duties once again. You can find it nestled below.

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