‘SNL’ Shares Outtakes From Their Season 43 Shorts Featuring Ryan Gosling, Donald Glover, And More

This season of SNL was hit or miss in terms of solid episodes and the live material. But when it came to the digital shorts or film segments that aired between sketches, the show was never really stronger. Season 43 of the long-running sketch series delivered a slew of great scripted material that made fun of Kanye West, horrible fonts, the Trump administration, dolphin pleasure, and Charles Barkley. The latter merely put Barkley in front of a camera and just let him speak. That was enough.

But some of the most memorable segments of SNL this season happened in the scripted portions. Ryan Gosling’s obsession in “Papyrus” still might be the best sketch to ever air about a terrible font and it also delivers a simple-but-effective blooper of Baby Goose just chuckling away. Then there was Donald Glover in the parody of A Quiet Place that focused on Kanye West’s lesson on slavery, which might not have the best shelf life but it was still funny. And we’ll take anything with Bill Hader in it, even if it involves sh*tting at your desk.

Anyway, the bloopers are a friendly reminder that there is still a lot of good on the show. And most of it has to do with Mikey Day in some sort of embarrassing situation. I think I could watch him get beat up by Sasquatch for hours. What was your favorite from this past season?

(Via SNL)