Pete Davidson Breaks A Lot Of Benedict Cumberbatch Fan’s Hearts With This ‘Office Hours’ Sketch

We’ve sang the praises of Pete Davidson on SNL before, with his top notch appearances on Weekend Update to his solid supporting bids throughout numerous sketches. Could anybody else play a drunken girl’s green Halloween mistake the same way? Probably, but Davidson is more likeable and that’s more important. He shows that off here in the sketch Office Hours with Benedict Cumberbatch, crushing some Cumberbatch fan’s dreams in the process.

It’s a sequel or cousin to the Pool Boy sketch that appeared during Julia Louis-Dreyfus earlier this year during the tail end of season 41. Davidson plays lovable dummym Chad up against a conflicted lover, then it was Julia Louis-Dreyfus as a cheating housewife and now it’s Cumberbatch as a professor’s assistant that takes his conversations with a student in the wrong direction before finding out something deep about himself. At least it seems to be the wrong direction given Davidson’s denial of a Cumberbatch kiss — something you wouldn’t see many Sherlock fans turn down, I’m sure.

Davidson is really the draw here and it is in the simplest of ways. Laughing at the word taint, the comment about the globe, and then the closer with his buddy just walking in to ask about lunch and just nonchalantly shrugging off the kiss. It plays well off the drama of the Cumberbatch.

(Via SNL)