Pete Davidson’s ‘Chad’ Returns To ‘SNL’ To Inexplicably Woo Jessica Chastain

Recurring characters are one of the hallmarks of SNL, with many different cast members getting their own signature weirdo to return for multiple sketches. One of the strangest is Pete Davidson‘s Chad, the monotone bro who is somehow irresistibly attractive to many despite rarely saying anything beyond “okay” or laughing at the weakest double entendres.

Chad has inexplicably wooed both Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Benedict Cumberbatch, become the “Chosen One” of a fantasy realm, and inspired a frenzy at a bachelor auction, and he returned this week as the object of Jessica Chastain’s affections. Winding up in the hospital after “his friend dared him to eat a dog turd,” Chad gains the attention of his doctor, a lovesick Chastain. He may not know the difference between an ingrown hair and a herpes outbreak, but she loves him, damn it.

Honestly, the scene might be a little uncomfortably on the nose for any woman who has tried to make plans with an apathetic man, but somehow Chastain and Davidson sell it. How is Chad’s romantic game so strong when he says so little (and what little he says is basically nonsense)? We may never know, but Davidson’s hilariously deadpan delivery will always be welcome.