Pete Davidson Celebrated Mother’s Day By Bringing His Mom On ‘SNL’ Weekend Update

If you didn’t think SNL would throw down hard for Mother’s Day, think again. From host Emma Thompson translating mom-speak with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler to Emma Thompson starring in a fake commercial about the dark side of motherhood, the latest episode has been all about the materfamilias.

Even Pete Davidson got in on the act. In his latest Weekend Update stint, the actor/comic/charming over-sharer talked candidly and without shame about his latest roommate, his mother. Yes, he’s still living with mom after breaking up with his last roommate, Ariana Grande. There’s one change, though: They moved in to a new home together, on purpose.

“I know what people think: They see you on TV and magazines and stuff, they think, ‘Wow, that guy must have his own place.’ Nope!” Davidson told the crowd. Then he confessed to his latest arrangements. “It’s not like I moved in with her. I bought a house my mom, like a winner.”

He described their relationship as less “mother-son” and more like “we’re just homeys.” He also spoke at some length about having his mom catch him masturbating at 25 — and his 21-year-old sister, who also lives with them.

It was then that Davidson made it really weird by bringing out Amy Davidson, his mom. Amy wore a pink sweater, to match his pink jumper, but her outfit had her and her son’s head emblazoned on them

Davidson was asked what the two are doing for the big day. “This is it,” Davidson replied, that his gift to her is bringing her on Saturday Night Live. He then tried to hook her up with Jon Hamm, though she preferred James Spader. Now that’s a good son.