Ryan Gosling’s Laughter Is Infectious For The Entire Cast In His Final ‘SNL’ Sketch Of The Night

Is it fair to say last night’s SNL season 43 premiere was a bit on the silly side? That’s not a complaint, by the way. Just an observation and a reasonable one when you get an evening of ass mashing, the melodramatic plight of a chicken woman (who is legally distinct from Mark McKinney’s Chicken Lady) and the best short film about movie typeface choices you could hope for all stuffed into a 90 minute variety show. Naturally, things had to be capped off with something ridiculous and the night’s final sketch was more than up to the challenge.

Giggly host Ryan “I saved jazz” Gosling‘s laughter was infectious in this absurd sketch featuring an oddball trio warming up the crowd at a dive bar before they watch the Cards-Niners game on a tiny TV. Things go off the rails in a hurry courtesy of trust issues Kenan Thompson’s frontman has with Gosling’s rock n’ roll flutist and a robbery that puts the singer’s most prized possession in jeopardy. Y’know, standard warm-up at Mickey’s End Zone.

A number of cast members break in the sketch and damn well they should. When Kenan Thompson’s is singing in a frenzy about kneeling during the anthem and fretting about his “good jeans” it’s hard not to crack up. That tune is catchy too.