Father John Misty And Octavia Spencer Are Amped Up For This Week’s ‘SNL’

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03.02.17 3 Comments

Don’t call Hidden Figures by the erroneous name Hidden Figurines while standing next to Oscar-winning actress Octavia Spencer or else she’ll elbow you in a not-very-nice place. That’s what Keenan Thompson learned in the first Saturday Night Live promo for this weekend’s show. After a few weeks off to rejuvenate their joke-writing muscles and prepare for the next major onslaught of hilarious political sketches SNL is back with Spencer as host and the elusive Father John Misty as musical guest.

In the second new promo, both Father John Misty and Octavia Spencer agree that “it’s on!” this weekend, until Keenan goes one step too far and ruins the bit. Gosh, stop ruining things Keenan! He’ll have to be suspended from promo privileges for the next few weeks if his antics keep getting in the way of the guests having a good time. The promo doesn’t give much away about what the show might look like, other than the fact that Spencer has a sense of humor and Father John Misty can pull off an outfit that makes him look like Carey Elwes cosplaying as Beetlejuice circa 1989.

Of course, his whole thing involves looking like he doesn’t care what people think and then blowing people away on stage so this outfit probably just means he’s preparing an awesome show this weekend that everybody should tune in for.

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