‘SNL’ Promos: Sarah Silverman Is The Show’s Historical First Female Host (Of The Season)

Many people don’t realize it, but Sarah Silverman was a writer and cast member on Saturday Night Live for a very brief period in 1993-94. Twenty years later, however, and she’s back, making light of her stint on the show, taking credit for a lot of sketches she had nothing to do with and, later, revising SNL history with a whole host of characters that never existed.

She also does a terrific bit with Taran Killam about being the first female host (of the season), which — now that SNL has as many female cast members as male cast members — is a joke that they’re very comfortable with. (I probably wouldn’t try the same joke with the first black cast member of this season).

Also, $100 says that her boyfriend Michael Sheen makes an appearance this weekend (they were incredibly adorable together on a recent Nerdist podcast).