‘SNL’ Provided Some Hope For Women Trapped In Super Bowl Ads With The Totino’s Activity Pack

Saturday Night Live covered all their bases with their pre-Super Bowl episode, giving the Seattle Seahawks outspoken superstars their own TV show and injecting a little humor into those odd big game ads we’ll be seeing.

We’ve seen them countless times, with the smiling housewives, serving “the guys” some delicious processed snacks during the game and then disappearing into the background. That’s where the Totino’s Super Bowl Activity Pack sketch comes into play, showing how those loving wives can spend their time while waiting to serve their man in between breaks in play.

It’s sharp and silly all at once. If you’re not cracking up when Vanessa Bayer whips the sticky hand against the fridge then this probably wasn’t for you. Or maybe you’re upset that Totino’s is being used for late night humor, which I can understand. It’s a fine product.

(Via SNL)