‘SNL’ Gets Right To The Best Part Of Reality TV With ‘The Real Intros Of Reality Hills’

Saturday Night Live has a sweet spot for reality television. Sure, SNL will gleefully take the piss out of reality tropes, but there’s an acuteness to certain jokes, gags and mannerisms that give away that there’s at least a little love on staff for this branch of programming. On last night’s edition of the program, host John Mulaney and the cast appeared to have a ball playing an assortment of TV 14 cretins in this delightful send-up.

The clip nestled above is from the last sketch of the evening which cuts the bullsh*t and gets right to what reality addicts crave: Bravo’s gaudy, trashy, catchphrase-heavy intros. The sensibly titled The Real Intros of Reality Hills delivers an endless array of characters of varying shallowness and clear emotional problems. We’re fortunate enough to meet souls like Kate McKinnon’s Chachki (“My husband’s a doctor and my face… all science.”), Aidy Bryant’s belle Beverly (“The south will rise again, but when I stand up too fast I pass out.”) and Leslie Jones’ Aviva (“I’m half Jewish but I’m all woman. Oy gevalt, ya heard?”). We even get John Mulaney performing double duty as bitchy twins Brian and Tam who have a thriving skin case business in Iraq.

Accessible to Real Housewives die-hards and Bravo! fearers alike, you could certainly do worse for a rapid-fire joke deployment system. Steady yourself for a lot of people you like portraying folks you would have no problem kicking out of a moving car.