‘SNL’ Recap: Anna Kendrick Will Sing And Dance Her Way Into Your Heart

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04.06.14 32 Comments
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Previously: Anna Kendrick’s Beauty and the Beast monologue and “Dongs All Over the World”

It’s really hard to NOT like noted-Game of Thrones fan Anna Kendrick. She’s the rare musical theater-type who never comes across as desperate to please; she’s game for anything and effortlessly charming, with an impressive array of talents, from banging cups, to rapping, to singing, to dancing, to singing AND dancing, which was basically the unofficial theme of last night’s presented-by-Disney-on-Broadway episode. There wasn’t a single sketch I truly loved, with the possible exception of “Les Jeunes De Paris,” but I’ll have fond feelings thinking back on the monologue in a year, because Anna Kendrick.

Also, a note for the writing staff: thank you for the lack of “aca-ANY WORD” references. Seriously.

Cold Open

I have next to nothing to say about this Cold Open, other than I enjoyed Taran Killam cutting off Kate McKinnon before she could finish, “LIVE FROM NEW YORK, IT’S…” so I’ll use this space for a GIF.

anna lorne


Fox and Friends

As always, the highlight of “Fox and Friends” is the list of corrections, including:

-Jackson Browne is only one person.

-Malaysia is not the female version of Asia.

-Neal deGrasse Tyson does not own a sandwich shop named “Quizmos.”

-You can not abbreviate the Supreme Court to spell SCROTUM.

-Michelle Obama has never done porn.

-Hong Kong is a region in China. Not a video game from Nintendo.

-”Vaping” is not having sex with a vacuum cleaner.

The Michelle Obama in First Lady On the Streets, But a Freak In the Bed was awfully convincing…

The Little Mermaid


It would’ve been nice if heard some “Kiss the Girl,” with me playing the part of Prince Eric, but any Little Mermaid is better than no Little Mermaid. Anna and Aidy Bryant play Ariel and Ursula, with the latter wanting the former’s divine voice. She begins singing, and out comes…Ke$ha. And Britney (“Toxic” >>> “Womanizer”). And Iggy Azalea. And other robotic sounds that should be left at the bottom of the sea. The underwater set made the sketch look more high-concept than it actually was, and I liked what it was trying to do. But something about the presentation, and the audible miscue at the start, kept me from loving it.

Also, this GIF might come in handy:

anna bitch

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