‘SNL’ Recap: Bruce Willis And Katy Perry

10.13.13 5 years ago 69 Comments
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What Bruce Willis said in the monologue was true (hey, I’ve verified everything he’s said said since I was promised a full nine yards, but was only given six, seven at most): he’s only hosted SNL once before, back in 1989. Die Hard had turned him into an A-list movie star a year earlier, and Look Who’s Talking, his first all-out comedy, would be released less than two week later. SNL tried to balance both those sides of Willis’s personality during last night’s episode, the tough action hero and the self-deprecating straight man, with some success.

The pre-taped bits: fantastic. “Boy Dance Party” is going to be everywhere today, and on your mom’s Facebook wall in a week, but “Beer Pong” deserves accolades, as well. The live material, however, varied from, to put it in terms Willis fans can understand, Die Hard 2 (decent) to North (despicable). At least no bunny suits were involved.

Cold Open

“Janet from Space called.” The government shutdown is in the news. So is Gravity. Why NOT combine them? I’ll give the writers credit for mashing together two seemingly unrelated topical hashtags, without the use of a single country song or frog, and turning out something far better than they could have. Especially after last week’s wire-related disaster. Kate McKinnon: the woman of a thousand Eastern European voices.


“Hey, did you know Bruce Willis can play the harmonica?” The monologue asks that question, answers it (yes), and doesn’t do much else. It’s less an excuse to show how poorly Bobby Moynihan plays the instrument than it is a lame advertisement for The Return of Bruno, available on Amazon as a cassette for only $0.79.

24-Hour Energy Drink

The only thing more exhausting than dating a female actress: being with a male comedian. True, but they could have taken it a step further with Bloggers Who Wake Up at 7 a.m. to Recap SNL. Those guys are the worst.

Black Ops

The idea of a member of the military acting out one of Bruce Willis’s more terrible movies isn’t a bad one, but there was something tonally off about this sketch’s format. The payoff wasn’t strong enough, Willis’s delivery was muted and indecipherable, not enough Bobby Moyihan reactions — whatever it was, it didn’t work as well as it should have.

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