‘SNL’ Recap: Can Emma Stone Co-Host Every Week?

Previously: “The Beygency” and “Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone’s weird kissing”

This isn’t a knock on Andrew Garfield, who was funny and charming and not nearly as twitchy as I thought he’d be, but why can’t Emma Stone co-host SNL every week? When was the last time SNL booked two hosts for one episode — Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey back in 2004? It was a disaster then, but Emma has more chops than the sea does chicken (that reference brought to you by 2003), and she could single-handedly save floundering sketches with her naturally engaging BFF-ness.

And to anyone who disagrees because they don’t like Emma: I hear the Beygency is taking requests.

Cold Open

[protected-iframe id=”b2a5aff3f7371a3ac054ad1f6a2812e2-60970621-60062467″ info=”” width=”650″ height=”400″ frameborder=”0″]

There hasn’t been as much Bobby Moynihan as I’d like this season, but he scored the plum gig of impersonating Donald Sterling this week, and he went Full Jowl. It never approaches anything that could be considered “edgy,” but at least SNL cast Sterling; when Adam Silver stepped out, I was afraid the entire sketch was going to be about how he saved the NBA, and that we’d never actually get to see the disgraced racist. It’s been a bad year for Cold Opens, so chalk this one up as a highlight.


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Just as Emma Stone should co-host every SNL, so too should Aidy Bryant be in every movie as an enthusiastic New Yorker decked out like the Statue of Liberty, even if the film takes place in, say, 1940s Nazi Germany. ESPECIALLY if it takes place there.

Celebrity Family Feud

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“Celebrity Family Feud” felt endless (it clocks in at nearly seven minutes, which is Hobbit trilogy-level long for an SNL sketch), but not painfully so, thanks to Kate McKinnon’s delightfully chipper Shakira and Taran Killam’s resurrection of Goat Boy as Russell Crowe. Andrew’s JT could use some work, though.

Oliver Twist

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I’m already shuddering at the prospect of Deirdre becoming a recurring character, popping into other sketches based on classic books to ruin everything. I like Cecily Strong, but not like this. NOT LIKE THIS. Also, I’m pretty sure Andrew Garfield could still convincingly play the lead in a middle school production of Newsies, if he wore the right floppy hat.

Weekend Update: Olya Povlatsky

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Olya Povlatsky/Emma Stone 2016, assuming Olya’s finished watching Full House by then.

Weekend Update: Leslie Jones

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Just in case you were worried about the future of Brooks Whelan, well, you’re not, because no one’s worried about his future on SNL; he doesn’t have one. When the show starts plucking writers out of their Lorne Michaels-guarded dungeon (I’m assuming) for Weekend Update segments, it’s probably not a good sign for certain new members of the cast. It’s especially cause for concern to the Whelans of the world when the writers are as talented and spirited as Leslie Jones, who performed an energetic stand-up bit about slavery, minus the whole standing up part. I wouldn’t be disappointed to see her again.

Weekend Update: Jebediah Atkinson

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I support more Weekend Update guests, and less Colin Jost.


[protected-iframe id=”757acaa60db5e5664bd3ea92df6d0af5-60970621-60062467″ info=”” width=”650″ height=”400″ frameborder=”0″]

Sketches where the host has to intentionally flop usually don’t go over well (think back to Drake’s Indiana Jones experience), but not every host is as naturally nervous-seeming as Garfield. You really believe that he’d be the type of idiot who professes his love for the bride at her wedding in front of his wife and kids. Then again, his wife might one day be Emma Stone, so if he ever embarrasses her like that, Garfield’s gonna be slurping lasagna through a straw.

Coldplay, “A Sky Full of Stars”

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“A Sky Full of Stars”: a Coldplay song title, or the MOST Coldplay song title?