'SNL' Recap: Jimmy Fallon And Justin Timberlake Should Kiss To Break The Tension

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12.22.13 43 Comments
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Having no opinion is the worst kind of opinion, but to paraphrase the Neutral People, I have no strong feelings one way or the other about last night’s SNL. There’s a “but…” to everything: Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake were the SNL equivalent of an in-their-own-world married couple that shares an email account, but…I find them charming enough, especially Fallon, that it didn’t bother me. That Scrooge is gay sketch was awful and I didn’t really like the cold open or “The Barry Gibb Talk Show,” among others, either, but…”(Do It On My) Twin Bed” was one of my favorite things SNL has done this year. BOO MADONNA, but…YAY PAUL MCCARTNEY. And so on.

This whole episode was like a sketch with a quick slideshow of impressions: there’s no substance to it, but sometimes, it’s fun to watch people you like cracking each other up (coincidentally, there were two sketches with nothing but impressions), and I’m fairly certain the cast enjoyed themselves more than the average SNL viewer did last night. But that’s fine. It’s the holidays; why not have some fun? The self-loathing will return soon enough, probably on January 18th, when Drake’s both the host and musical guest.

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Cold Open

Justin Timberlake pulling his head in and out of his wrapping paper body like a turtle was oddly horrifying. Anyway, the NOUN-ville sketches are clearly a fan favorite, especially to that one screaming monster who Aidy Bryant has to put up with twice, but this was one of its more phoned-in installments (Gotye, really?), coasting off the good will earned by the original Omeletteville. I’m at the point where I’m more interested in hearing from the “villain,” be it Bryant’s desperate mother or Bobby Moynihan’s nice honkin’ sausage man from Veganville, than either of the J’s.

Family Feud

“Steve Harvey Accused by Son and Ex-Wife of Child Abuse…but Cleared.” That is an actual headline for an actual story that was actually published yesterday. For that reason, I was curious if SNL would break out the Steve Harvey impression; it took all of 15 minutes to answer THAT. Moral judgements of using Harvey the same week he had to appear in court to explain, no, I didn’t hit my son with a belt and paddle aside, this was one of two sketches where the cast was allowed to show off their best impressions, with Fallon as BAZINGA, Timberlake as Fallon, Noël Wells as kooky American Pie-era Alyson Hannigan for some reason, and Brooks Whelan as “Brooks Whelan,” whatever the heck that is. Fallon and Timberlake are at their peak GET A ROOM YOU TWO here, but again, the crowd eats it up, so whatever, I’ll enjoy Taran Killam’s Ashton Kutcher by my lonesome. (Killam’s gonna get a confused call from his wife’s co-worker, Hannigan, some point this week.)

The Barry Gibb Talk Show

Speaking of potential awkwardness: Robin Gibb died since the last “The Barry Gibb Talk Show,” which I figured would be the LAST “Barry Gibb Talk Show.” But his spirit lives on, as does the real, not-dead Barry Gibb, who’s looking more and more like James Lipston cosplaying as Colonel Sanders with each passing day. No new beats are hit here — the guys sing, Barry yells, etc. etc. etc. — until Madonna begins speaking, at which point everything turns into a fumbled mess. She forgot to remember her lines and is seemingly unable to grab the grill (?) in her coat pocket, which will happen when your fingers (and entire body) are filled with enough bull tranquilizers to take down nine Paul Ryans. It’s what keeps her young and fit!

Weekend Update: Jimmy Fallon and Michael Bloomberg

Seth Meyers is sticking around for a few more episodes in the new year, so the outpouring of affection toward SNL‘s head writer continues this week from Fallon, who explains that Meyers introduced him for the first time on Update so many years ago. It’s a nice moment, made all the better with that adorable-looking elf sitting to Fallon’s right who wants to fulfill “a life-long dream of drinking a small soda on a non-smoking beach.” HE’S SO TINY.

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