‘SNL’ Recap: A Wildly Uneven End To The Seth Meyers Era

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02.02.14 27 Comments
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Let’s say you still have “Saturday Night Live 2/1″ on your DVR, either because you were too busy revisiting old episodes of Gilmore Girls with Melissa McCarthy last night or because you started pre-gaming for the Super Bowl at 5 p.m. and passed out at 8 p.m. OK, here’s some advice: after Weekend Update, fast-forward to the final sketch with Kyle Mooney and WATCH nothing in-between. McCarthy is a gifted, willing performer, someone with brilliant comedic timing who’s never said “no” to any idea, no matter how ridiculous, so she’s not to blame for last night’s up and down but mostly DOWN episode. Here’s where I’d usually fault Seth Meyers, but eh, it was his final episode, so I’ll play nice, and find content in a killer Weekend Update.

Because there wasn’t much else to like, despite McCarthy’s always-on performance.

Previously: “Hug a Black Guy,” Imagine Dragons w/ Kendrick Lamar, and Weekend Update.

Cold Open

What? I had high hopes when the premise was being explained, that the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bruno Mars couldn’t perform at the Super Bowl halftime show and producers needed to book a new act ASAP, but that glee vanished the second sparkly Peyton Manning began singing about Richard Sherman, or whatever. Something so promising turned into “haha, it’s funny because manly men and pansy Broadway don’t mix,” a topic that was already kind of covered last week. One big womp-womp of a weirdly extravagant cold open.


Melissa McCarthy is a skilled physical comedian, but her undeniable talents could have been better used on the ground, not flipping around in the air, with support from some visually distracting wires. I’m not sure what the hell was going on here (a common complaint of this episode), but at least it continued SNL‘s long-running love of backstage llamas and Lincoln. (Giving Lorne Michaels a backstage llama is how Victoria Jackson got on SNL in the first place.)

Valentine’s Day Commercial

After two straight high-concept duds, SNL returned to what it does best: picking apart the smaller things in life. I still love their pair of returning home from college and for the holidays sketches, and I have an equal amount of admiration for this one, about Valentine’s Day shopping for your sweetie at a drug store. Who among us hasn’t bought some G-rated dice from CVS on February 14 at 5:59 p.m.?

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