‘Avatar’ And The Papyrus Font Become An Obsession For Ryan Gosling In An ‘SNL’ Sketch That’s Worth The Wait

There are plenty of reasons to obsess over James Cameron’s bloated space epic Avatar, especially since he’s got four sequels on the way. It’s a perfectly fine movie as it stands, somehow becoming the highest grossing movie on the planet, but it just doesn’t seem to be the cultural force that you might expect. That said, SNL hit on one aspect of the film that seems to have caused quite a bit of grief for one man for nearly a decade. It all revolves around the Papyrus font.

Ryan Gosling plays Steven, a man haunted by the film’s use of the font in its marketing and title. While it has been held under control for quite a while at this point, the return of the film in the headlines thanks to Disney’s new Pandora theme park and James Cameron’s plans for infinite sequels has seemingly sparked a return of the obsession into Steven’s world. The return to madness makes for an interesting and hilarious sketch that seems to have some origins back in May:

If so, this was definitely worth the wait and ended up being executed perfectly. It’s a sketch you don’t expect to work on paper but then it ends up becoming one that should at least last the season. It’ll definitely live on for the memes online, especially when each Avatar sequel hits theaters. The response online was definitely one of the more positive that the show has seen outside of its Trump coverage over the past year.

For all the complaints about Avatar when it was released, it makes perfect sense that a font would be the true legacy.

(Via SNL)