‘SNL’ Poked Fun At Irish Airline Aer Lingus And Got A (Winking) Trumpesque Tweet In Return

Airline Aer Lingus got a bit of the SNL none-more-Irish spotlight on Saturday night. Whether or not you consider free range dogs with a lot of pull and sweet flight attendants that understand you’re destined to associate oral sex with the name of their company an endorsement is up to you, although a lot of Irish viewers had their fill of the tongue-in-cheek stereotypes being doled out.

In the sketch, host Saoirse Ronan and SNL vet Cecily Strong play Aer Lingus flight attendants that are cheery if not super effective in getting this flight in order. Speaking of which, there’s a bit of a hiccup holding up the flight.

“Folks, we’ve got a dog on the runway. It’s got sad eyes, the soul of Oscar Wilde, so we’re going to have to wait,” explains Kate McKinnon’s Lady With the Orange Sticks. “We’re going to let the dog choose when he’s willing to move. It’s his will, his story, not ours. Understand?”

Aer Lingus caught the sketch and offered up a cheeky tweet that might look familiar.

And here’s the refresher.

This is the sort of response companies should roll with when “featured” on SNL. Otherwise you’re in the Safelite camp and drawing the opposite type of attention you were aiming for.