‘SNL’ Lets Sarah Huckabee Sanders Try To Shine With Her Take On Demi Lovato

Last year, Kellyanne Conway got her day off on SNL. This year, it’s your moment, Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Aidy Bryant’s lie-and-gibberish spouting Huckabee Sanders channeled Demi Lovato for her take on “Confident.” In this digital short, “The Huck” (as is emblazoned on the back of her pink satin jacket over her fierce leotard) goes in and out of a standard White House presser (as standard as these things have become in this weird Jacob’s Ladder scenario of a year) and a music video fantasy sequence wherein she writhes, snaps and denies collusion. She turns daddy Mike Huckabee’s photo over so he can’t see her bump and grind and deny that she’s a “puppet” while telling the media to “stuff it” through an endless series of riddles (“10 people have a bar tab of $100…but the eighth man is a Polack so he’s dumb as a post”), rhymes (“milk, milk, lemonade”) and at least one kids’ meal map (“and that’s taxes.”)

Bryant has brought her song stylings to SNL since she first started in 2012, over the years giving us hilarious earworms like “Let’s Do It in My Twin Bed,” “Back Home Baller,” and “First Got Horny 2 U.” While this Huckster jam isn’t an original, we’ll definitely be seeing more of her. Leotards for everyone.

(Via SNL)