‘SNL’ Addresses #DayWithoutAWoman With A Clever Sketch That ‘Mansplains’ The Entire Thing

As Scarlett Johansson and Aidy Bryant point out to kick off this sketch, the women of SNL took Wednesday off along with countless others across the globe. The problem is they missed out on writing sketches for this week’s episode, so it was up to Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney to write a sketch that featured the entire female cast.

It deals with Ace and Jake getting together with their nameless female friends to discuss the plight of women in today’s age. Ace and Jake lead the discussion and everything else during the sketch, talking about how women are kept silent and face harassment both online and in the real world. Johansson and Bryant get a few words in, but not much. The rest of the female cast is left off at another table, cast away from the group but not forgotten by our good pals, Ace and Jake.

They’re just two really good guys who want to do something about the problems facing women, but also want to give back. That’s why they set up a musical appearance by Lorde so she can watch them sing her song. Gotta love that Ace and Jake.

This is just one of those sketches that works from start to finish, mostly thanks to its simplicity and the performances by Bennett and Mooney, being the kind of asses they were on YouTube. I don’t think it’s trying to preach, but it doesn’t hide the issues at the heart of the Women’s March and #DayWithoutAWoman while having a good laugh. It’s a nice companion to last week’s bar flirting sketch.