Scarlett Johansson Enters A Nightmare After Discovering Her Dog Is A Trump Supporter On ‘SNL’

Most people want to know what their dogs or cats are thinking, but no one ever thinks their pets will get political. It’s too easy to anthropomorphize our furry little friends into a creature of pure love, but frankly, the reality is that our pets are unique individuals who have complex views on the world. Some of our pets, in fact, are Trump supporters.

Now, that doesn’t mean your pets don’t love you. They do. They love you very much (mostly because you’re the one who feeds them and takes them out, to be honest). But, they also don’t understand why your hard-earned tax dollars are going to subsidize the welfare of illegal immigrants inside our borders. I mean, come on — all dogs do is bark about people getting anywhere near their territory, and you don’t think they’ll have an intense outlook on immigration? Animals are pragmatic. Animals also like to close their eyes and take a deep whiff of the nearest butt.

So even if Scarlett Johansson and everyone in the room were aghast at this ornery lil pupper’s outlook on the state of The Union, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t listen. He’s just so cute. Look at that helmet! Who’s a good boy?