‘SNL’ Scorecard: Kumail Nanjiani Wants To Teach Racists Some Lessons

Senior Entertainment Writer
10.16.17 19 Comments


Kumail Nanjiani is the perfect kind of SNL host: He really wants to be there. On a night when maybe some of the material wasn’t what it could have been, Nanjiani went out and sold the hell out of it. A good example is the “Hotel Check-In” sketch. The premise is fine, but without a host just going for it, this thing probably feels very, very long. There was something just so optimistic about Nanjiani as host that it made me happy, even as I sat there watching, in bed, with something I can only guess is the flu (which is also why this SNL Scorecard is so late).

I’m starting to have some doubts about Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump. There’s something missing from what made this interesting last season. It’s starting to feel like Baldwin’s Trump really doesn’t have much to say anymore except, “Look at me, I’m Trump! I’m an idiot! Ahhhh!” And I guess that’s fine and all, but that’s certainly not interesting. I get that there’s so much chaos it’s hard to focus in on one thing and it’s easier to just go up there and say, “I’m an idiot! What a mess!” – but there’s starting to feel like a hint of laziness going on here.

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