‘SNL’ Scorecard: Larry David Feels The Bern

02.07.16 2 years ago 17 Comments
Larry David


This was Larry David’s first time hosting Saturday Night Live, which somehow sounds right and wrong at the same time. (It’s also the first time anyone named Larry has hosted. Poor Larry Storch and Larry Hagman never got their shot.) It’s kind of a shame David hasn’t hosted until now, because he seems like someone who should be at least a five-timer by now. Anyway, whatever, it took until SNL’s 41st season for David to embrace the show and, well, better late then never.

As an aside, yes, for the first time in the six years I’ve been writing SNL Scorecard, I missed the previous episode. I was covering Sundance and had a conflict during the show. By the time I saw the Ronda Rousey show, it seemed a little late to write a full post about it. But, for the sake of the ongoing season scoring, here are the results, if interested. (If not, then just keep scrolling.)

“Screen Guild Awards”
Score: 9.0

“Weekend Update”
Score: 6.5

“At the Club”
Score: 6.0

“Super Crew”
Score: 5.5

“Love Struck”
Score: 5.0

“Cold Open: Palin Endorsement”
Score: 5.0

“Football Party”
Score: 4.5

“City Council”
Score: 4.0

“Ronda Rousey Monologue”
Score: 4.0

“Teacher Trial”
Score: 4.0

“Bland Man”
Score: 2.5

Total: 5.09

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