‘SNL’ Scorecard: Louis C.K. Will Save The World While On His Toilet

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04.09.17 10 Comments


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Louis C.K. hosted his fourth SNL and it went pretty much how a Louis C.K.-hosted show will usually go: A long monologue filled with his latest material, solid comedy sketches, and one big clunker of a sketch where everything goes off the rails.

SNL has been off the air for the last three weeks. Do you know how long this is in Trump time? If you go back to the Scarlett Johansson-hosted episode from March 11, the main topics were Trump Care (this was even before the House vote that never happened after Paul Ryan pulled the bill) and the feud between Al Franken and Jeff Sessions. In the cold open that week, there was worry Trump had business dealings with aliens who were attacking Earth. In real life, Trump is now shooting missiles at other countries. My point is: that Scarlett Johansson-hosted SNL seems like a long time ago.

The only positive I’ve come up with about the Trump presidency is that all our lives will seem longer. A week now seems like a month. There are never any moments where you think to yourself, “Oh, that was three weeks ago, that seems like yesterday. Time flies, huh?” Oh no, time does not fly anymore. Time pretty much stands still. I’m fairly certain that I’ve almost figured out how to perceive time as a non-linear construct – just like the heptapods in Arrival.

Anyway, SNL’s schedule this season has been unfortunate. I understand why it was planned out this way – front loaded for the election, which leaves these big gaps on the back end – but it’s like a hunk of history is missing. And then they have another big break after next week’s Jimmy Fallon-hosted show. I’m sure the time off is nice for the cast, but I bet it’s also frustrating. Here’s today’s Scorecard:

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