‘SNL’ Scorecard: Scarlett Johansson Joins The Five-Timers Club

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03.12.17 15 Comments


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Often, when someone is good at hosting SNL, you’ll hear things like, “Scarlett Johansson could be in the cast.” Sometimes that’s true and sometimes that’s not. There are hosts that the show can prop up on its shoulders and utilize his or her best strengths. And then there are hosts like Johansson, who can do the little things you might not notice that carry sketches. Take a sketch like “Zoo Pornographer” (which was fine), it’s Johansson who has the most dialogue. She’s not doing anything particularly funny, but she’s the main character. She’s at the heart of the sketch, making it work and you might not even notice because she’s not just delivering a punchline. There are not many hosts who can play this part. Most hosts would get Mikey Day’s character where he or she is just reacting. It was similar in “Translator,” once again Johansson is the main character with the most dialogue who drives the sketch, even though the punchlines go to Beck Bennett voicing a dog. Anyway, this is a pretty unique quality as a host.

Here is your last Scorecard of March. There won’t be another until April 8th, which seems crazy. The schedule this season has been very unusual.

Sketch of the Night

“A Sketch for the Women” Everything about this is perfect. It reminded me a little bit of The Lonely Island’s “Equal Rights” from Popstar in the way it skews its protagonists. The empathy Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett show toward what women have to endure plays so well in the fact they didn’t write the women in the sketch any lines. Mooney pointing at the women in the cast, then explaining that they each have a story to tell, then continuing to talk anyway was very pointed. It was a masterclass of skewering the “outrage on the behalf of others” without listening to the people you’re outraged for. It reminded me of Twitter. (Never go on Twitter.)

Score: 9.0

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