‘SNL’ Brings The Miserly ‘Scrudge’ Out Of His Apartment To Ruin Your Holiday Party

Holiday parties can be a miserable soul-crushing experience with too much booze, some unfamiliar stain on your coat retrieved from the jacket stack and off-key renditions of “Last Christmas” haunting your dreams through til’ St. Patrick’s Day. (These parties can also be quite fun.) One variable that can elevate or destroy your holiday gettogether is sometimes that certain guest that comes to the party.

In the SNL short “Scrudge” we’re treated to a cranky old man (the titular Scrudge!) coming out of his den of miserdom to go to a friend’s Christmas party at the sweethearted request of his roommate. As you may have sorted by the name, Scrudge (Beck Bennett) is a dicky semi-modern version of Scrooge that’s more interested in putting folks down than anything else.

“Heather! Your place looks so inexpensive,” exclaims Scrudge when greeted at the door. “Oh! And an ugly Christmas sweater! So brave of you to do something so played out.”

Can some angelic advice from SNL host James Franco inspire a change of heart? Sort of, but deep down sometimes a Scrudge and has gotta Scrudge.

Saturday Night Live bids adieu to 2017 next week with their last show of the calendar year. The December 16 edition of SNL is in the reliable hands of Kevin Hart and Foo Fighters.