‘SNL’ Season 40 Discussion: Bill Hader And Hozier

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10.12.14 47 Comments
Previously: monologue, Stefon’s return, and Puppet Class sequel.

Cold Open


It’s not uncommon for a cold open to run six minutes, maybe even seven. This one clocks in at a breezy three and a half, which tells me two things: 1) it probably wasn’t worth being placed so high, and 2) the concept (Kim Jong-un, world’s greatest athlete, injured, etc.) works better as a throwaway joke during Weekend Update. Bobby Moynihan tries his hardest to save it, but no go.

Herb Welch


Herb Welch was never one of my favorite Bill Hader characters. Which is surprising, because not only do I enjoy seeing Hader, one of the nicest people ever, play a stubborn asshole, but also casual racism from old people is a comedy sweet spot for me. Oh well.

The Group Hopper


Adapted from a YA novel written entirely in the comments section of The Hunger Games comes The Group Hopper, an impossible to comprehend mashup of every YA book to come out this decade. SNL sketches with high production values don’t always turn out well, but there was an attention to detail that works here. Plus, Bill Hader as Effie Trinket. There’s nothing to not like about that.

Hollywood Game Night


I’m a sucker for “everyone gets to show off their best celebrity impressions” sketches, and “Hollywood Game Night” did not let me down. Sure, there was WAY too much Kristen Wiig, but Kate McKinnon’s Jane Lynch, Beck Bennett’s Nick Offerman, and especially Cecily Strong’s Sofia Vergara more than made up for her being the star of an episode she wasn’t even hosting, for some reason.

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