‘SNL’ Season 40 Discussion: Cameron Diaz And Bruno Mars With Mark Ronson

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11.23.14 25 Comments
Previously: “Back Home Baller” and Michael Che’s Bill Cosby Joke

Cold Open

Simpsons did it? There was really only one joke here — Kenan falling down a ton of stairs, multiple times — but it was still one of the least painful cold opens this season. Seeing Bobby Monyihan as an “Executive Order” was a treat, and if nothing else, it reminded me of the brilliance of “Amendment to Be.” OH YEAH DOOR’S OPEN, BOYS.


Questions from the audience monologues are the laziest monologues, and Cameron Diaz‘s was no exception. It was extra bad, like “not even trying” bad. “Is Shrek really that grumpy in real life?” got a chuckle out of me, but otherwise, the writers seemed to have no idea of what to do with Diaz in the monologue, so she breezed through it as quickly as possible. Good call.

Black Annie

Diaz was picked to host because she plays Miss Hannigan in Annie, which your child will force you to see on December 19th. She reprised the character for “Black Annie,” which I would see on December 19th. No offense, Quvenzhané Wallis. It’s not the best sketch (once you get past the concept, there’s not much there), but Leslie Jones gave it her all and kept the energy from flagging. SNL needs someone who’s an instant shot of adrenaline. That’s what Jones brings.

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