‘SNL’ Is Getting An Influx Of New Voices Into Their Writers’ Room

09.14.16 3 years ago


When a show has been around as long as Saturday Night Live has, there needs to be occasional shake-ups to keep it fresh. Just about all entertainment mediums require fresh perspectives and voices, but comedy especially does. The recent on-screen hires at SNL are proof of that, with three new cast members brought on board for the upcoming season 42 of the late night comedy show, but that isn’t the end of the new voices, not by a long shot.

In fact, SplitSider is reporting that SNL has hired an additional seven writers for the next season. Here’s the rundown.

Joanna Bradley (Above Average, UCB)
Anna Drezen (Reductress, UCB)
Kristen Bartlett (UCB, Poor Comedians In A Car Getting Coffee)
Zack Bornstein (Jimmy Kimmel Live)
Julio Torres (TCGS, The Special Without Brett Davis)
Nick Kocher and Brian McElhaney (BriTANicK)

There hasn’t been word on who else from the writing crew would be sticking around outside of co-writers Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider. This new season of SNL with new cast members and new writers will be premiering on October 1st, and it will be anyone’s guest what to expect from the show considering the influx of talent. Are we heading into a new boom period for SNL, or will this be another one of those weird transitional periods where everyone reminices about cast members who went on to be Hollywood success stories, wishing that they’d come back?

(Via SplitSider)

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