Sterling K Brown Won’t Stand For Any Of Your Anti-Shrek Talk On ‘SNL’

Fandom is a passionate thing. Say an unkind word about someone’s favorite artist, movie or line of salad dressings and you might find yourself in a position to catch some hands. (Or at least get yelled at on the internet.) On last night’s edition of SNL, Sterling K. Brown went to bat for a certain brogued ogre like it was his religious crusade and the results were hilarious.

The Emmy and Golden Globe certified actor plays a man visiting the parents (Aidy Bryant and Beck Bennett) of girlfriend (Melissa Villasenor) for a friendly dinner. Things are going swimmingly until Mom and Dad mention how much they like Coco to the point of it being their favorite animated movie. This sets the visiting Shrek superfan off who is beside himself that someone would not consider Shrek the height of artistic achievement.

“I’ve guess I’ve always found the ogre thing a little offputting,” meekly explains Bryant when met with Brown’s uncontained frustration.

“NO!” screams Brown in response. “You’re wrong! You’re wrong and you’re a stupid person!”

Things only escalate to ridiculous new heights of Shrek devotion from there. Come for the Shrek, stay for Brown’s increasingly unhinged belief in the sancticity of a Dreamworks franchise.