‘SNL’ Gives Us Chris Pine As Shatner’s Kirk In A Lost ‘Star Trek’ Episode With Spock’s Party Loving Brother

05.07.17 11 months ago

Set course for Pizza Beach. Spock’s party animal half-brother has sh*t to get done and dancing to do.

As is customary on the program from time-to-time, Saturday Night Live engaged in some goof-n-spoofery of the resilient sci-fi franchise that is Star Trek. (Seeing as they had a spare Captain Kirk on hand, that’s just a sensible course of action.) We’re treated to a special “lost” episode of the program where Spock’s obnoxious half-brother Spocko (played by Bobby Moynihan) makes his only appearance in the series. Why is it a “lost” episode? Well, that’s because Spocko is a nightclub singer that wasn’t actually your standard original series vulcan. He’s more into a “live long and party” thing. Don’t worry, Kenan Thompson’s giggly Neil deGrasse Tyson will explain it to you.

Adding to the infectious silliness is host Chris Pine doing an admirable job of channeling William Shatner’s James T. Kirk. (Only he knows for sure if he’s wearing a girdle under that Starfleet uniform.) Plus, legendary SNL production designer Akira Yoshimura reprises the role of Sulu for the first time since 1994 which is a fun cherry on top. It’s a charmingly goofy piece of sketch comedy fun and another reminder to appreciate Bobby Moynihan while he’s still working late on Saturdays.

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