Kyle Mooney’s Love-Starved ‘SNL’ Stand-Up Bruce Chandling Visits ‘Weekend Update’ To Talk Thanksgiving

Kyle Mooney‘s love-starved stand-up comic Bruce Chandling made his triumphant return to SNL this weekend. (MAKE THE FRIGGIN’ MOVIE ALREADY, HOLLYWOOD GOONS!) As always, it was a hilarious and sweethearted affair even if Chandling’s all-star observations about pilgrims wanting to watch the big game didn’t go over as he intended.

Popping by as a guest of Michael Che on Weekend Update, Chandling trots out his Thanksgiving material and typical desperate to be liked Bruce Chandling style complete with his lovely USA-themed leather jacket.

“Of course, the day after Thanksgiving they got Black Friday. Heard about this one?” queries Chandling of the Weekend Update host. “This is where they get all the deals at the mini-mall. Now personally, I think they should change the name from Black Friday to Black and Blue Friday cuz that’s how you’re gonna look if you get between me and the hottest new toys.”

As is always the case with Chandling, things naturally take a heartbreaking turn and that’s part of the awesome Bruce Chandling package. Come for the spot-on take on the struggling open mic lifer and stay for the sweetly sympathetic emotional journey Mooney’s ill-equipped comic takes after. “Where the food, dude!” indeed.