‘SNL’ Returns To ‘The Bachelor’ For Their Latest Savage Send-Up Of Reality Romance

Can you feel the desperation and bland white guyness in the air? Yes, that magical time on the SNL calendar has come where Lorne Michaels’ lil’ variety show tears The Bachelor tropes into confetti and promptly tosses them in the air for all of us to enjoy. Think fewer roses, more deep-rooted psychological issues.

This go-around we meet “Car Hunk” Arie Luyendyk Jr. and the parade of contestants that want to “steal him for a sec” which is largely just code that an avalanche of red flags are coming. Just like SNL‘s Rock of Love parody, you don’t need to watch the show to enjoy the assembly line of increasing crazy, but fans will appreciate the new season touches. (Kendall taxidermy gags, ahoy!) Host Jessica Chastain more than held her own in the sea of Laurens with relationship issues.

“I loved our date today,” gushes Chastain’s rose-chasing contestant. “It was a dream come true playing a dead body on HBO’s Crashing. Sorry I cried so hard I puked.”

It’s not exactly romance, but faces are licked, dead squrriels are produced and Arie’s interchangability is lampooned. That should tick more than enough of the appropriate boxes for fans and non-fans alike.