‘SNL’ Puts Robert Mueller’s Investigation Into Perspective Using The Very Awkward Finale Of ‘The Bachelor’

The finale for the latest season of The Bachelor left a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths, especially due to the excruciating live breakup that happened between Arie Luynedyk Jr. and his initial choice of Becca Kufrin. It was bad and rough to watch, but SNL takes it a step further by putting Becca back in the same situation once again. The difference this time is we’re dealing with Robert Mueller and the realities of his investigation into Russian collusion in the 2016 election.

Kate McKinnon plays Mueller once again, doing his best to break the bad news to Becca that the thing she’s waited all this time for hasn’t come and she might actually have to see Donald Trump stay as president for at least four and possibly even six more years. Collusion just isn’t looking as strong as it could and he might have to focus more on obstruction and that’s just the stronger case to follow, even if it doesn’t really remove Trump from office.

It’s disappointing for Becca, disappointing for the audience, and almost just as awkward as The Bachelor finale was in the end. Only almost, though. There’s no way it could be as awkward as breaking up with your reality TV fiance on live television, refusing to leave, and then becoming the focus of national derision by people who sat and watched every moment.

It’s still fun to think the pee pee tape is real.

(Via SNL)

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