‘SNL’ Returns To Last Year’s Totinos Super Bowl Ad And Takes It To Very Dark Places

Entertainment Writer

If you remember back to Super Bowl 49, SNL had a fun lead in to aid the game’s appearance on NBC. And part of it was an ad for Totinos Pizza Rolls and the Totino’s Activity Pack For Women. Some took it to be a moment that highlighted the problem of women in television ads, especially during the Super Bowl. Others took it as a slam against Totinos, a fine company that doesn’t deserve to be smacked in the mouth during a late night sketch. But either way, it was one of the more memorable sketches from J.K. Simmons’ episode.

This year we return to Vanessa Bayer’s housewife, cooking up some Totinos rolls for her boys during “The Big Game.” And this all seems like it’s moving along the same track as last year, until you realize there’s nothing on the TV. Then it’s horror for Bayer and it goes from being an ad for Totinos to being a fight for her life to being another ad for the revival of The X-Files. Also Larry David is tossed in as a hungry football fan, something that should’ve been our first indication that something was wrong.

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