‘SNL’ Takes A Look At Christmas In The White House With A Special Visit By Scarlett Johansson

12.16.17 1 year ago

It’s the final Saturday Night Live before Christmas and the new year, and according to Donald Trump, 2017 was the greatest year ever. Maybe in all of history. According to Alec Baldwin as Trump, “the war on Christmas is over, and will be replaced by the war with North Korea.” It’s something to look forward to as we’re all warmed by clean American coal and the fallout from nuclear war.

But looking forward, Trump wants to be “super-presidential until Don Lemon says something mean to me and I tweet the actual N-word.” After he’s done reflecting on his perfect self, Melania brings in a host of White House notables that are still standing after a year of firings and indictments. “If it isn’t my fall guy… I mean Mike Pence!” Trump says as Omarosa tries her best to break back into the White House for the second, or possibly third time.

Then, Scarlett Johansson makes a surprise appearance as Ivanka Trump who introduces her brothers Eric and Donald Jr., who continue to utterly clueless and seem to be regressing into a pre-K intelligence level.

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