‘SNL’ Handled The United Controversy With Another Precision Burn On Pepsi

Even with United being the controversy that seemed to control the media this week, SNL couldn’t help taking another subtle swipe at Pepsi and their ad with Kendall Jenner. While Alec Baldwin said we should lay off the Kardashian sibling, it would seem that the folks at SNL got the memo too late. But who can blame them? This sketch is short and sweet, but it handles both controversies tactfully through a lovelorn fella just looking for a second chance.

Not only does Jimmy Fallon get another chance to sing, keeping him happy, but he pulls out a late-nineties throwback in Savage Garden. I don’t know the last time I thought about Savage Garden, but it’s probably still too soon. Even if the sketch has a funny payoff.

Why Cecily Strong has such bad taste in men, we’re not sure. But it is a nice nod back to Beck Bennett’s Pepsi sketch from last week’s Louis C.K. episode. It’s also a refreshing angle on handling controversy on the show, though. This could’ve easily been some sort of return to the nasty flight attendants from the David Spade era of the show, tied in with the United controversy in a way that people would’ve been outraged and tweeting about how SNL made a mockery of a serious moment.

This way, the only people who will be complaining are Savage Garden fans. No harm, no foul.

(Via SNL)