‘Weekend Update’ Quickly Addresses Louis C.K. During A Fiery Segment On Sexual Assault

While Tiffany Haddish kicked off SNL with a few points about sexual assault in her monologue, the show saved its heavier commentary on the latest crop of sexual misconduct allegations for Weekend Update. The long-running segment has had its teeth this season, but the Louis C.K. scandal poses an interesting problem for the show. He’s a four-time host and certainly almost in that hallowed club alongside folks like Tom Hanks, so the show has that to contend with.

But to their credit, they mention the disgraced comedian twice during the show. Beck Bennett digs at him as Mike Pence in the cold open, but then Colin Jost hits at him right in the middle of a rundown on the allegations against GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore:

“What’s next, the guy who always jokes about masturbating wasn’t joking about masturbating?”

Some have already called out late night for their brief comments on C.K. at this point, but you could also draw parallels to how he is placed directly in the middle of the coverage on Roy Moore. Colbert did the same, but it has still left some wanting more. You have to think the coming week will allow for more reflection from these folks.

After Jost and Che finish up their serious slice, Cecily Strong comes out as a very stressed and outraged HR representative. It would seem that the ongoing scandals are having an effect on her and her reactions to Jost’s questions. It all ends with a drop of seriousness tossed in, with Strong saying it’s hard to call this a scandal when this is a reality for half of the population and always has been.

(Via SNL)

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