‘SNL Weekend Update’ Has Some Ideas About Getting More People Vaccinated Thanks To An Erectile Dysfunction Study

Much like this week’s cold open, Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update segment was all about masks and vaccines. And much like the cold open that addressed the uncertainty of when vaccinated people can finally shed a mask for good, Colin Jost and Michael Che pointed out we’re not exactly done with masks just yet.

SNL on YouTube

“The CDC announced that fully vaccinated people no longer have to wear masks or socially distance. Except, if you go to most places,” Jost said as a lengthy list of places still requiring masks popped up next to him. “Anyway, have fun out there.”

Jost noted that Mitch McConnell said “free at last” when he heard the mask mandate had been updated, calling it “wildly tone deaf” and making a joke about embattled Florida representative Matt Gaetz.

“It’s like if Matt Gaetz took off his mask and said ‘I feel like a kid again,’” he said.

Che addressed a study that suggested some people who have had coronavirus reported suffering from erectile dysfunction and potentially experienced penis shrinkage, which got him thinking about how to better promote getting vaccines in the arms of men.

“Now that’s how you sell some masks. I mean Pfizer, you want people to get vaccinated you need to run with this,” he said. “Forget ’Stop The Spread,’ it should be ‘Stop The Shrink.’”

The segment also covered Tom Cruise giving back his Golden Globes and other topics from the week that was. There was also a joke about Elon Musk, in case you were missing him from this week’s episode.

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