The Cast Couldn’t Help But Crack Up During This Hilarious ‘SNL’ Reality TV Sketch

For all the hullabaloo about how breaking during a sketch is frowned upon at Saturday Night Live, folks sure as sugar love to see it. This truth reared its head again last night when host Will Ferrell and cast member Cecily Strong played a pair of reality TV d*ckholes that were so obnoxious it was hard for everyone involved to keep a straight face.

Ferrell and Strong are a Bravo!esque reality TV couple that hang out with their normie friends in this sketch. Their friends would like to have a normal barbecue, but the Kings and Queens of Santa Clarita characters can’t leave their horrible reality formula ways behind them. Of course, how could they with all the distracting cosmetic surgery they’ve gotten.

“We got the most expensive procedure from the cheapest doctor we could find,” beams Ferrell.

Things get increasingly silly, food is thrown, Aidy Bryant can’t stop laughing, Will Ferrell threatens to beat people with his immobile dog. It’s funny to begin with, but there’s that added thrill of forbidden giggling that gives some extra spice.

Cecily Strong took to Instagram late Saturday/early Sunday to share what a happy wonderful moment it was.

“I told Lorne after the show that I might have broken during this sketch,” she explained. “A comedy hero and a dog hero and lil ol me with a bad face lift gave me one of my favorite moments foreva eva. Like, this is one of those where on days where I’m not feeling great, I can watch this on YouTube and I’ll start laughing a bunch.”

No word yet on whether or not Peanut the Dog will return to host next season.

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