‘SNL’ Announces Two More Wonderful Hosts To Follow Ryan Gosling And Jay Z In The Season 43 Premiere

Saturday Night Live begins its 43rd season of comedy, music and thrilling wig choices this month with last spring’s coast-to-coast broadcast plan still in effect. In August, Ryan Gosling and Jay Z were tapped to be the first host + musical guest combo of the new campaign and the pairs that follow them aren’t too shabby either. Well, provided you like box office conquering superheroines and comedians with potential Oscar noms in their future.

Wonder Woman megastar Gal Gadot and Grammy blessed singer Sam Smith are slated for SNL‘s October 7th episode. It’s not Smith’s first go-around, but it is Gadot’s so the well of Wonder Woman gags is still fresh. Heck, odds are we’re getting some sort of Amazonian-themed musical number for the monologue. It would be for the best to start placing your bets on who plays Aquaman that night.

Silicon Valley star Kumail Nanjiani takes the hosting reins for the October 14th show which is excellent news because it’s Kumail Nanjiani hosting SNL and what’s not to like about that? P!nk returns to Studio 8H as the evening’s musical act. Her new album Beautiful Trauma hits stores (or wherever albums hit these days) the day before.

You could certainly do worse for the first three episodes, don’t you think?

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