‘SNL’s Colin Jost Goes On An Epic, Hilarious Anti-Time Warner Twitter Tirade

Colin Jost may occasionally get a bad rap as the head writer and “Weekend Update” anchor on Saturday Night Live (though, in fairness, he’s much improved over the first season), but he apparently has great comedy skills, based on his massive, incredible anti-Time Warner rant on Twitter last night.

Jost clearly has a bone to pick with Time Warner Cable, the most hated company in America, as he has spent four months talking to at least 25 customer service reps and still doesn’t have working cable. In fact, his situation is so messed up that, when a cable guy came out to fix his service, the CABLE GUY suggested he switch companies.

Jost finally reached his breaking point last night. Not only did he rant against Time Warner’s terrible customer service, he encouraged all of his followers to switch to Verizon FiOS (and even offered $50 to anyone who did).

It was a truly epic rant, and got even better once Time Warner Cable’s Twitter Help account got involved.


The Time Warner Twitter account even checked in with Jost, but that didn’t stop him from continuing.


In addition to the Twitter tirade, Jost also retweeted a good 25-30 tweets from other followers who are equally as fed up with the cable company. He’s clearly not messing around.

(Via Twitter)

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