Does Snoop Dogg Think That ‘Game Of Thrones’ Is Real History?

Snoop Dog - Game of Thrones
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Snoop Dogg is a huge fan of Game of Thrones, but the reason why he loves the show is a bit strange, to say the least.

In a recent interview with the New York Post, Snoop Dogg said that he is a huge fan of the hit HBO show, explaining that he watches it “for historic reasons.” Wait, come again?

Judging from your contribution to the Season 5 “Game of Thrones” mixtape, it seems as though you’re a big fanboy.

Most definitely. When they asked me to do the track, I was more than honored because I’m truly a fan of the show. I would have done it for free, but they gave me some money on top of it, so I was like, “F - - k it, let’s do it!” I watch it for historic reasons, to try to understand what this world was based on before I got here. I like to know how we got from there, to here, and the similarities between then and now.

Interviewer Hardeep Phull asked Snoop Dogg to clarify while making a point to emphasize that Game of Thrones, a show with dragons and ice zombies, is a fictional television show:

Um, OK. So what parallels have you drawn between this fictional TV show, and the modern world?

That kings still rule and a bitch f - - ked everything up, in every situation!

Well, I guess that is a lesson that someone could take from Game of Thrones. It might not be what author George R.R. Martin had in mind, especially considering Westeros’ kings so far have been a fat alcoholic party boy who bankrupted the kingdom, a spoiled inbred teenager, and Tommen. If anyone is ruling anything, it is the mother of dragons herself, Daenerys Targaryen. To quote Willy Wonka, Snoop Dogg should take that last thought, strike that, and reverse it.

(Source: New York Post)