So Stephen Colbert Got Bill Clinton To Actually Tweet For Real This Time, Guys

04.25.13 5 years ago 3 Comments

Stephen Colbert and Bill Clinton are BFFs these days. Clinton seems legitimately drawn to Colbert and they have a nice little bromance going on. “Bromance” is still in, right? Well that’s what they have. A couple of weeks ago, Colbert set up Clinton’s Twitter account and sent one tweet but it appears that Billy Clint has joined in on his own. Of course, all he’s done so far is shout out Colbert and Chelsea but he’s sure to say something relevant soon.

Most of the responses to the former president’s tweets were classy but some got a bit too excited.

Whoa there, lady! That’s the former leader of the free world you’re divulging your perspiration levels to!

Anyway, Clinton will be an interesting addition to Twitter but he has a long way to go to match the awesomeness of the other old hippie who joined recently, Phil Jackson, who likes to call players all sorts of b*tches and publicly runs the triangle offense on his woman’s nethers. If we see that sort of Willy Clint then we may have a world-changing event on our hands. Now excuse me while I go try to find that picture of Clinton running out on stage while Obama rubs his head so I can type something about DM being short for “Damn, Ma you lookin fine!” Yup. Hilarious.

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