Soap Actor Killed in Five Different Shows on Same Day

Hong Kong soap actor Law Lok-lam must have pissed somebody off, because each of his characters on five different soaps were killed off on the same day.

His Grace Under Fire character died in a fight; his Fate to Fate character vomited to death; his Relic of an Emissary character passed away from an illness; his Police Station No. 7 and Virtues of Harmony characters weren’t even afforded the dignity of dying onscreen. [The Daily What]

Huh, I don’t remember him dying on “Grace Under Fire.” Remember Brett Butler? The actress or the Dodger, it doesn’t really matter.

“When I get a job, I don’t care if my character in the drama will die. If he is supposed to die, he should go on and die,” Law said in a video posted on YouTube. “Why would dying in a drama matter? It’s not for real.” [quirkies]

Whoa whoa whoa. TV dramas aren’t REAL?!?!? Just go ahead and try to tell that to “Lost” fans, pal. Those people are still broken up about Charlie dying.

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