Sodomy Jokes, Nazi Salutes, And Fox News Slams Are The Keys To Any Good Morning Show Appearance

Law & Order: SVU‘s Richard Belzer went on Fox 5’s Good Day New York this morning to discuss his new book, Dead Wrong: Straight Facts On The Country’s Most Controversial Cover-Ups (reads the Amazon description, “Find out how the government has faked the suicides of politicians and government figures to cover up their assassinations”), but he quickly grew bored with that. So, instead, he decided to tell a sodomy joke and give the Nazi salute “to all your colleagues at the other division,” as one does when they’re on live TV.

Turns out, according to TMZ, the very Jewish Belzer, who has apparently played other roles besides Det. John Munch in his career, like the immortal Pig in Night Shift, was making a “satirical gesture toward Fox News…whose ideology he is opposed to.” BOOM. Unless the “other division” he was referring to is Fox Movie Channel, and he’s upset that Daddy Day Care isn’t playing 24/7. Either way, he’s still kind of insane, but at least in the Daddy Day Care scenario, I get where he’s coming from. MORE LACEY CHABERT.

(Via Gawker)