Sofia Vergara Talks About Mambo Dog

09.24.10 7 years ago 6 Comments

In my long and extensive study of dog videos on the Internet, one of my all-time favorites will always be Mambo Dog (who is actually Merengue Dog, but “mambo” sounds better), who I first showcased here last fall before a different video of her circulated this summer. Well, Sofia Vergara went on Letterman last night, and besides being radiant and charming and sexy as hell, she also happens to go way back with Mambo Dog. Here’s the relevant exchange (starts around the 1:35 mark):

Dave: You also, a couple years ago, appeared on a television show with the dog from Chile.

Sofia: The dog that you had here! Yeah, I know. It’s like, now they’re making it such a big deal. That dog has been dancing for like ten years. I’ve been on many TV shows with him. He’s a regular.

Dave: Well, you know, that’s what they say about an “overnight sensation.” The dog’s been working for a decade.

Sofia: Yeah, that happened to me, too.

Oh man. Not fair. She’s a beautiful, rich, funny Latina goddess AND she knows Mambo Dog? I don’t want to live in a world where I can’t be with her.

Below: the YouTube clip of the TV show that Letterman mentioned, as well as Mambo Dog’s appearance on “The Late Show.” Also, Mambo Dog has a Facebook page. Friend request: SENT!

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