Some Old Not-Exactly-Friends Might Be Returning To ‘Breaking Bad’ This Week

If Breaking Bad was a band, it’d be at the encore portion of its set. Over 59 hours (it’s a long set), the show has played deep cuts and fan favorites, attracting both long-time devotees and newcomers. But now it’s time to get pumped up for the best of what Breaking Bad has to offer: the final three, each more life-threatening than the last. And what’s an encore without guests? Proceed with caution if you’re not ready to soak up these tasty, spoilery licks.

Via IMDB, for Sunday’s episode, “Ozymandias.”

I know what you’re thinking: Hank Rogerson has gone from “Champagne Drinker” on Melrose Place to “First Detective”? Good for him! Also, Mike, Gale, Jane, Krazy-8, and Tuco might return. Obviously Vince Gilligan and writer Rian Johnson haven’t said anything about “Ozymandias” — other than it’s Gilligan’s favorite episode of the entire show — so this cast listing could be bogus. (Rogerson is actually “Third Detective.”) But I can imagine the episode beginning with a flashback prologue, with Walt somehow coming in contact with a few of the souls he’s either murdered or at least played a role in their demise over the seasons, before we cut back to the fight, which comes to a close when Hank becomes yet another notch on Walt’s bedpost OF DEATH. Then Walt, Jesse, and Todd order Los Pollos Hermanos and the food’s delivered by Gus and everyone lives happily ever after, the end.