Somebody Drew The Entire Cast Of ‘Family Guy’ As ‘Game Of Thrones’ Characters

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07.03.14 15 Comments

A Reddit user who goes by stonedkrypto (I wonder what he/she likes to do in their spare time?) drew up all of the characters on Family Guy and turned them into Game of Thrones characters. Once you see it, it’s so brilliant yet painfully obvious, that — to be honest — I’m just surprised it took this long for the internet to put two and two together. I mean, come on, Meg as Hodor? HOW COULD MEG NOT BE HODOR? These drawings win the internet so much that if someone were putting together some kind of welcome package for the internet, these drawings would be required viewing.

I’ve uploaded a bunch below, but head over here to see the rest.







Amd of course, the most logical one of all…

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